Any assignments involving pet photography always default to Toby. If you know him, you realize he’s crazy-mad in love with animals and in particular, doggies. We were approached last December with a very rough digital image of a family pet who had passed on. Unfortunately, this was the best available snapshot the family had of their beloved German Shepherd, and Mom wanted to surprise her daughter with a framed print as a Christmas gift. The complicated background represented a challenge, but Toby was up for the task.

He worked some of his Photoshop magic, adjusting color, tonal quality and contrast, and masking out the background. He then recreated the grassy background, removing the legs of the second animal and camera time stamp. The resultant photo made a lovely print and a touching memorial gift for a very pleased young lady:

If you have a less-than-perfect photo you’d like to have restored or repaired, please get in touch for a reasonable price quote. And if it happens to be a snapshot of your puppy, you’ll make Toby’s day.

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