We pride ourselves in the ability to offer affordable pricing to our clients. Many photographers charge a nominal “sitting fee” which can look deceptive at first glance. Once you take a look at their charges for prints and reproductions, and read their terms of usage for your images, you soon realize that is where they make their profits. In most cases, you are forced to order your prints directly from the photographer at whatever markup they have decided to charge you, and you must have their permission for each and every use of the photos. They, on the other hand, are paying peanuts to have your images printed. Most professional photographers use online print services like Mpix. Here’s an example of the prices photographers are paying to have your images printed: Mpix Printing Prices

Surprised? Now compare the above prices with the per-print price sheet you’ll get from most photographers. Our business model simply takes out that exhorbitant middle man fee and gives control of your images back to you. Our pricing represents a one-time fee. You determine where you’ll get your images printed, and you’re free to print as many as you want once you receive your images on a flash media stick. Make wall portraits, multiple prints, use them on your invitations, thank you notes and Christmas cards. Upload them to Facebook, shutterfly, photobucket, flickr or your own blog or Web site. And never, at any time, will you receive an image from us with an ugly watermark stamped across it. We think that spoils the fun. When you consider all of this, our pricing represents a substantial savings and gives you total control of your images now and in the future.